CHOMEL Sdn. Bhd. Purpose Driven Company that Gives Back to Society

CHOMEL Sdn. Bhd. Purpose Driven Company that Gives Back to Society

We are excited to share that CHOMEL Sdn. Bhd is a purpose driven company that gives back to the society in collaboration with Malaysia Early Childhood Education MYDIDIK, Non-Profit Org. It represents a new breed of businesses that harness their vision and mission for public good. This means and signals that we are committed to making a profound social difference, safeguarding people and the environment, and meeting high standards of performance and accountability. This is going to be a exciting journey for CHOMEL as we commit and dedicate ourselves to one unified goal - Redefining What Sucess Means in Business.

Since the start, we have dreamed of CHOMEL Sdn. Bhd. being more than just another baby brand. But we wanted to deliver safe natural products to our customers and we want to positively change the way people, companies and even governments make impactful decisions related to social goodness, environment protection and mindful workplace values. It's always been our desire to make things better together, this allow us to turn this vision into a reality.

Malaysia Early Childhood Education - MYDIDIK
is a Socially Responsible platform that support discussion of Early Childhood Education among parents, early childhood educators and center/kindergarten owners. This is a support group that aims to grow organically by parents, early childhood educators who are either educators and parents to give advice and tips to members trying to learn what education options they can have for their children. MYDIDIK 100% profits will be used to fund under privileged young children to gain education. 

At CHOMEL Sdn. Bhd. we ensure a certain amount of profit is channeled to Early Childhood Education for young under privileged children to get education in a childcare/kindergarten in Malaysia.

Reference: Malaysia Early Childhood Education MYDIDIK, 


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